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There goes the sun....... Good bye George.....may God bless you. And thanks for everything.....

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The Beatles took Four Months....700 Hours... and $100,000 to create what Was... and...Is the Standard to which all Rock Recordings are compared. So....Sit back and let the evening go....A Splendid time is guaranteed for all....and here at Beatles Beatles Beatles.....Nothing Is Real....

What to do in Pepperland

McCartney Interview
Paul and Linda's Playboy Interview with lots of Beatles inside information.
Free As A Bird
All the Beatles references in the Free As A Bird Video
Beatles Interviews
A Compilation of Beatles Interviews from 1964.
Lennon Remembers
Excerpts from Lennon's exceptional 1971 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.
Playboy Interview
John and Yoko's very revealing 1980 Playboy Interview.
Sgt. Pepper Recording Info
A Must Read on the Recording of Pepper.
A History Of Capitol Releases
An Exhaustive Compendium of the Bastardized American Releases.
Beatles Chart Positions
Complete listing of every U.S. and British Beatles Single and their Highest Chart Position.
George Martin Interview
Interview with George Martin regarding The Beatles.
Paul is Dead?
All the Clues in the Paul is Dead Controversy. Pull out your old Beatles records.
Paul is Alive?
Articles from The 60's refuting the Paul is Dead Controversy.
Please Please Me Lyrics
The lyrics for their first album.
With The Beatles Lyrics
The lyrics for their second album.
A Hard Day's Night Lyrics
The lyrics for their third album and first film.
Beatles For Sale Lyrics
The lyrics for their Beatles For Sale album.
Help! Lyrics
The lyrics for their fifth album and second movie.
Rubber Soul Lyrics
The lyrics for their astonishing album Rubber Soul.
Revolver Lyrics
The lyrics for their grounbreaking album Revolver.
Sgt. Pepper Lyrics
Complete lyrics of every song on "Pepper"
Magical Mystery Tour Lyrics
The lyrics for Magical Mystery Tour, their Christmas 1967 film.
White Album Lyrics
The Complete Song Lyrics for The Beatles, known as The White Album.
Yellow Submarine Lyrics
The lyrics for Yellow Submarine, their animated film.
Abbey Road Lyrics
The Complete Song Lyrics for Abbey Road.
Let It Be Lyrics
Lyrics from the Let It Be film and album.
Past Masters Volume 1 Lyrics
Lyrics from the CD only release to collect all singles and B sides.
Past Masters Volume 2 Lyrics
Lyrics from the CD only release to collect all singles and B sides.
I Didn't Know That!!!
The Recording of Four Great Beatles Songs.
Beatles Press Clippings from the 60's
Rare and very Informative Newspaper Clippings.
In His Own Write
Wonderfully Creative and Funny excerpts from John Lennon's first Book.
The World Cried As One
Articles following the Event of December 8, 1980.
Free as a Bird Demo
John's Solo demo of Free as a Bird recorded at The Dakota. Streaming RealAudio Format.
Real Love Demo
John's solo demo of Real Love which became The Beatles second Anthology Single. In Streaming RealAudio.
I'll Follow The Sun
Early version of "I'll Follow The Sun" Recorded in 1960. In Streaming RealAudio.
Unreleased Beatles Song Written By George. In Streaming RealAudio.
All I Have To Do Is Dream
George Harrison and Bob Dylan's Rare Version of "All I Have To Do Is Dream". In Streaming RealAudio.
Can You Take Me Back?
Full version of "Can You Take Me Back". A portion of which is on "The White Album".
Goodbye Demo
Pauls excellent version of the hit he wrote for Mary Streaming RealAudio.
God Demo
John Lennon's early demo of God from his first solo album. In Streaming RealAudio.
Watching The Wheels
John Lennon's Early Demo of "Watching The Wheels" from Double Fantasy. In Streaming RealAudio.
How Do You Do It Demo
The Beatles demo of what was supposed to be the follow up to Love Me Do. In Streaming RealAudio Format.
Arguably Paul McCartney's finest Unreleased Song "Waterspout". In Streaming RealAudio.
New Moon Over Jamaica
Another Unreleased Paul McCartney Song "New Moon Over Jamaica". In Streaming RealAudio.
A Love For You
Another terrific unreleased Paul McCartney song. In Streaming RealAudio.
I Keep On Believin'
Unreleased Paul McCartney song from the "McCartney" sessions. In Streaming RealAudio.
That's My Life
A rare recording by Freddie Lennon...John's Father...released in 1965. In streaming RealAudio.
George Harrison Interview
A 1992 George Harrison Interview in streaming Windows Media
December 8, 1980
CBS Radio News Broadcast about John Lennon being shot and killed. Streaming RealAudio.
A Hard Days Night
The Original Theatrical Trailer for "A Hard Days Night" in Streaming RealVideo.
The Theatrical Trailer for "Help!" in Streaming RealVideo.
Arc'teryx Forums
Forums for Arcteryx Fans
The Video for #9 Dream
The rarely seen Video for John Lennon's "#9 Dream" Streaming RealVideo.
Imagine:The Video
The Video for "Imagine" Streaming RealVideo
Jealous Guy
John Lennon's Video for "Jealous Guy" streaming RealVideo.
The Beatles Quiz
Play our Beatles Trivia Quiz.
Pepperland's Chat Room
Talk with other Beatles fans from the four corners of the Earth.
Beatles Message Board
Please visit our NEW Beatles Discussion Forums.
Grammy Awards....uhh...not really
Some of the Awards that "Beatles Beatles Beatles" has been honoured to receive.
Beatles Store
Purchase Beatles CD's, Memorabilia, T Shirts and Videos at Great Discounts.
Canon G1 Photography Page
Unrelated Photo Gallery.

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