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The Infamous Butcher Cover

This is the original cover of the Beatles 1966 American release "Yesterday and Today". This picture was taken by Robert Whittaker and was originally used in British Music papers as a full page ad for the release of the single "Paperback Writer". American taste being what it is or isn't...there was a huge backlash of public opinion against this "gory" "obscene" picture. As such, it was pulled from release after only three days in the stores. Workers from Capitol spent the whole weekend destroying the old covers and putting the record in the new cover. However, some of the lazier employees merely pasted the new cover over the old. Thereby creating the rarest and most expensive Beatles Album in history. Only about 1,000 exist, and fetch upwards of $2000 at auction!

Taz's    Space

Welcome to my passions are Music...especially The Beatles.. but you've already figured that out...and Gordon Lightfoot. Outrageous humour like Monty Python...Golf...and West Virginia. Anyway I suppose like everyone else who has a homepage, this is an Ego I guess I'll have fun with it! Look for some interesting links and spiritual thoughts too. Thanks for dropping by....

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